​​​​​Oswego County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs

Mission Statement and Goals

To encourage, promote and defend hunting, fishing, trapping and timber management as sound conservation practices to ensure the preservation, propagation and protection of Fish, Game, Wildlife, Forests and Habitat on private as well as public land and waters.

  To procure the enactment of laws and policies as well as promoting the observance of these laws and policies to guarantee the sustainability of our renewable natural resources.

  To create and foster positive public sentiment for the above stated purposes by sharing information with our members, the general public, and especially land owners as to the benefits of conservation and sound management practices to sustain our renewable natural resources.

  To encourage the general public, men, women and especially the youth of today, to participate in the outdoor sports of hunting, fishing, trapping and the shooting sports and to become tomorrow's stewards of the great outdoors.

  To defend the right of legal firearms ownership to include but not be limited to self defense, shooting sports, hunting and collecting.